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Monday, February 20, 2006

Knitting Success

I acheived a knitting success this weekend! I have mastered (well, I can do) the seed stitch. It was driving me crazy! The concept is simple enough but the execution had me baffled. I simply took myself off to my room, posted a "Do Not Disturb" and proceeded to tackle the elusive stitch head on. It worked! I have completed the swatch for the afghan pattern that I want to do and will get with my other knitting buddy to make sure my gauge is going to work. Not bad for someone who has only been knitting for a month!

The weather has been absolutely miserable. Cold, sleet, ice. Yuck! I moved from South Dakota to get away from this. I guess I didn't get far enough south. Oh, well, it won't last for long. It did give me an excuse to stay in Saturday and knit!