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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm back.....

After much encouragement (nagging) from people who actually read this blog (both of them) I am finally going to post and update. I have been knitting, reading and trying to get a schedule with the girl's back in school. It seems we are busy every night!

I do have some finished project pictures:

This is Becca's blanket made from Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby) Frosting. I used size 15 needles and this went really quick. It is super warm and super soft! I am working on one for Kelsey in different colors. I will post it when I finish - probably in another couple of months!

Here is the tank I finished. Next time I will make it in a smaller size and leave out the bust short rows. It is made of Cascade Cotton (Quattro?) and is my first finished wearable piece (not counting scarves).

I am in the middle of several other project and have started a sock using the magic loop method. The needles are so tiny that I can only work on it in short sittings until my hands get stronger. I have more finished objects and will post those as soon as I buy batteries for my camera and can take pictures.

Short and sweet......but updated!!!!!