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Sunday, June 18, 2006

This is fun...

if you are an anal retentive goal setter. Actually, normal people might enjoy this also. A little background before the links so this all makes sense. Last summer I was at a loss for a good read and remembered when I was in college that there was a list of 100 books everyone should read. So I googled for the "top 100 books" and came across a website that had this list of novels. I also found a movie list, non fiction list and a sci-fi list! I printed off these lists and have been slowly but surely working my way through them. With a few exceptions, I have enjoyed all the ones I have read/watched so far. Some of the books have actually made me think to get through them! My brain was so excited to wake up and be challenged!
I digress. This morning I went in to get the link to post on my blog and found they have totally changed thier format. You can add lists and then check off what you have completed! It gives you a % for how much you have completed and an easy link to share your lists! This beats the heck out of putting it on a spreadsheet and tracking it that way! Normal people may not even have considered this as an option but I bet some of you will understand. Anyway, here are the links to what I am currently working on:

Part of the fun is to see what you have already read/watched. The other cool think about this website is that if the books cross over onto another list and you have it checked as read, it automatically checks it for you.

I am going back to play now!