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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wishful Thinking

I can not believe it has been so long since I posted! I have no pictures today but offer this:

Top Ten Things I Would Do If I Won the Lottery

1 I would definitely quit my job. A lot of people say they would continue working. They are either lying or have no other interests. I have so many things I want to do and so little time to do them.

2 I would open a huge yarn shop with bright and beautiful yarn from floor to ceiling and every great accessory known to knitting! I would only hire people who loved to knit and then pay them enough that they could afford to work there. My job would be to travel the world fondling and ordering yarn!

3 I would travel (see above). The first places I would go include Southern France (for the beaches), Egypt (for the pyramids), Australia (because that is where hubby wants to go) and Hawaii (for the beaches and volcanoes).

4 I would give $1 million each to my family and close friends in an effort to ease any financial burdens and to allow them to pursue their dreams.

5 I would find the best and most compatible educator in the U.S. and hire them to tutor my children. They will have to enjoy travel!

6 I would buy 100 acres in the middle of Nowhere, USA and build a house complete with heated, in-ground swimming pool and a hot tub. It will have all the latest technology, a beautiful kitchen and lots of windows!

7 On my 100 acres, I would create a pet sanctuary. I would hire a full time veterinarian and people who loved to work with animals. I would take all the animals from the shelters that were about to be put down and pets that were going to be given up. I would offer free adoption and lifetime veterinarian care to all adopted pets.

8 I would set up a scholarship fund for non-traditional students that would allow working adults with a family to afford to go back to college and complete their degree.

9 I would become a business angel and invest in start up companies with potential, heart and passion.

10 I would knit more, read more and play more!